Build times are 2-8 weeks on custom and painted items. There is shipping delays with all shipping companies right now so it can be a little longer

Send us your tow mirrors to Build!

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we are now offing you to send us your mirrors and we will build them. some people wamt to keep factory functions and some people want to just simply save a little money. You can send us your factory tow mirrors or aftermarket.  


if you choose switchbacks we will wire it up inside the mirror to where it is completely plug and play if they are a factory mirror,   if it is a aftermarket mirror you will need to run power to the switchbacks.  


our paint work is done by a pro, he is good and is very busy, with that being said it does take a little time to get them painted,    if these are your factory mirror we so plan to get thme done sooner than thoes whos truck isnt down. it can take up to 2 weeks once we get them to ship them back to you.    normally 2-4 days but sometimes we get extremly busy and can take up to 2 weeks. 




please note we are not liable for these mirrors if they get broke in shipping or any other kind of damage.  

we will only put switchbacks and colormatch any other services please message us. 


once you put in your order we will contact you with the address you need to send your mirrors to.