Build times are 4-16 weeks on custom Built and painted items. These are ETA not Promised Times!!!!
1994-2022 Dodge Ram Tow Mirrors

1994-2022 Dodge Ram Tow Mirrors

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These mirrors have all these functions 

  • full power 
  • defrost 
  • switchback marker light (if you choose so)
  • Colormatch, texture black, black and chrome (you choose)
  • power fold if added (please leave in the notes you would like to add this and it will be a addition 250 that we will add to your order if you do want it) 

We have these professionally sanded down and painted. 


switchback is when the light will be white while your driving and blink amber when your turn your blinker on.   

if you choose no to switchbacks it will just be a able light like the factory one 


THESE DO TAKE 2-8 WEEKS TO BUILD sometimes a little longer 

1 year warranty no refunds oe returns once placed the order.