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2011-2016 Ford Super Duty Alpha Rex Colormatched

2011-2016 Ford Super Duty Alpha Rex Colormatched

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These are the all new alpha rex 11-16 ford super duty headlights.   there is 3 different model to choose from.  the first 2 sets the pro and luxe look the exact same the different is the projectors on the inside.     the pros have a halogen projector and you can replace that bulb with a led or hid bulb if wanted.       they do put off good light but not as good as the luxe.  the luxe has built in led projectors and have. great light output. The 3rd option Nova has 4 led projectors it has an insane amount of light it puts out. 


we only offer these in Colormatched 

when you purchase please put your color code in the note section. 

etas are 2-8 weeks  these are non returnable and non refundable  it will be a custom built item.