Build times are 4-16 weeks on custom Built and painted items. These are ETA not Promised Times!!!!
2014-2018 GMC Sierra Colormatched Switchback LED Fender Flares

2014-2018 GMC Sierra Colormatched Switchback LED Fender Flares

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These are made from OEM fender flares.   we will color match them and also add switchback leds to them.   


this is not a plug and play application.    you will have to do some wiring, you'll have to tap into your tail light harness and also your headlight harness. to get a ground, blinker 12v and a drl12v 



these are custom made once ordered there is no refund or returns.  we do offer a year warranty on this item if the led goes bad.      if the led goes bad due to bad installation it is not covered.    paint is also not covered due to big tires and rock.      the paint does hold up good on these but overtime it may get chips just like normal bedsides and cabs do.    


ETA is 1-4 months to build these they take a lot of time and sometimes parts do go on back order.   again once ordered its non refundable 


3 stage paint is $200 more.    most of the pearl white and reds will be this.   if you are unsure just choose no to that option and we when see your paint code we will let you know. 


This will fit the 2019 2500HD Trucks as long as it is the 14-18 body style it will fit