Build times are 4-12 weeks on custom Built and painted items. These are ETA not Promised Times!!!!
2020+ Style GM Tow Mirrors

2020+ Style GM Tow Mirrors

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Hello guys this listing is for 2020+ Style GM Tow Mirrors.   

We have have 2 options.

1. Send yours in to get built (eta 2-4 week wait time )

2. We provide mirrors for you new or used depending on what we can get( if used they will be in good usable shape)

You can add switchbacks and also the glass with turn signal on it!!!

2 switchback options

1. Bap switchbacks  switchback sequential with spot lights(these are a nice clean look )

2. Our built switchbacks (these are extremely bright, does not come in sequential and also you loose your factory spot light function)

If you choose to send in your tow mirrors we will send you our address once you've placed your order.  please get $3000 worth of insurance on these when you ship them. 

If you choose for us to provide tow mirrors please enter your vin in the note section, also if you have a 2020-2023 model you will need to swap your old cameras into the new tow mirrors its takes about 3 mins for each side and its 2 screw.

WE can buy your stock mirrors back from you ranging from $500-$1000

If there is anything else you would like done to them shoot us a text at 901-848-8985

Please put your color code in the notes section when you check out, if you want to keep the caps chrome we can do that please just leave that in the note section as well. If you do not we will reach out to you for that information once order is placed.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a 3-stage paint there will be an additional cost for the paint. We will reach out to you with this information once your order is placed. 

These are non returnable and non refundable it will be a custom built item. This does come with a 1 year warranty customer is responsible for shipping.  

ETA's are on the top banner of the website