BFCM SALES START NOW!!!! NO CODE NEEDED Build times are 4-12 weeks on custom Built and painted items. These are ETA not Promised Times!!!!

5th Gen ram Colormatched Switchback Led door handles 2019+

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These door handles are for a 5th gen ram 

you have the option to

send in your handles(we will give you the address to sendto once you place your order eta is 1-3 weeks once you send them in)


or we prove new handles for you(eta is 4-8 weeks on having them built)


we will install led switchbacks in these, and Colormatched them.    we can not do chrome they have to be painted. 


please leave your color code in the note section when you check out.   

this is a custom item they can not be returned or refunded once the order is placed it is yours.  lead times is 2-8 week roughly