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92-96 OBS Ford Headlight Pre-Built Headlights

92-96 OBS Ford Headlight Pre-Built Headlights

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Guys first off this is not your everyday build like some of the other light guys build this is a real retrofit you will actually be able to see 10x better with these projectors. (these are not like them eBay projector headlights on eBay or what the others guys build) 

First we can colormatch these to the color of your choice.

Then we will send you a list of shrouds (part around the projector) that you can choose from there is a few different designs you can choose from that way they don't all look the same. 

Then you just sit back and wait for them to get delivered to you. 

What this includes is:

Headlights Prebuilt with colormatch or chrome also with projectors of your choice HID projector or LED Projectors (highly recommend) 

This will also come with the bottom marker light which you can choose if you want to add a switchback strip In it or not (switchback strip is the led you see in the pic it glows white while your drive and then blinks amber when you turn your blinker on) also it will come with the corner light, that will be painted as well unless you tell us other wise. 


** A few things you can add to these that we don't have on here (just let us know you want them when we contact you for your color code) 

Demon eyes $250 (these will make the inside of the projector glow any color you want and its bluetooth controlled by your phone or remote your choice)

RGB/RGBW Halos $250 (these are color changing halos we can add to it that is bluetooth controlled also you can get a circle one out a rectangle outline of the headlight. 

Projector Lenses etched $150 (we can put any logo or letting your like to fully customize this build for you)


If there is anything else you would like done to them shoot us a text at                   901-848-8985

If you choose to colormatch them please put your color code in the notes section when you order, if you do not we will reach out to you for that information once your order is placed. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a 3-stage paint there will be an additional cost for the paint. We will reach out to you with this information once your order is placed. 

These are non returnable and non refundable it will be a custom built item. This does come with a 1 year warranty customer is responsible for shipping.  

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