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99-16  SuperDuty 3rd Brake Light Colormatched

99-16 SuperDuty 3rd Brake Light Colormatched

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We are running this sale because we want more pictures of them on trucks. we will also send you a dig decal that we would like for you to put on the back glass right under the 3rd brake light. atleast while you taking the picture. 


this listing is for


1999-2016 Ford F250 F350 F450 trucks

these are just led 3rd brake lights colormatched 

we can make you matching tail lights .  once you order this we will call you and ask about our matching tails

once you order we will contact you for a paint code



These are aftermarket 3rd brake lights(they are famous for leaking(we havent had any leak yet thankfully) we do Highly recommend putting a bead of clear silicon around the back when installing just as extra insurance so you done have a issue with it leaking into the cab.