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GM Tow Mirror Replacement Caps

GM Tow Mirror Replacement Caps

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They can be colormatched to the color of your choice

We also have Chrome and Black to choose from the black will not be a gloss black they will be textured. 

Our caps are compatible with OEM tow mirrors. 

The only exception to this is our mirrors do not have the cut out for the ambient air sensor equipped on diesels. The caps still clips in, you just have to relocate the sensor.

If you would like to drill a hole in your cap for the sensor you can drill a 7/32 pilot hole and then take it to 29/64 for the sensor to clip in. Please note we are not responsible for flaking to paint or chrome caused by this, or damage from improper drilling.

If there is anything else you would like done to them shoot us a text at 901-848-8985

If you choose the colormatched option please put your color code in the notes section when you order, if you do not we will reach out to you for that information once your order is placed. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a 3-stage paint there will be an additional cost for the paint. We will reach out to you with this information once your order is placed. 

These are non returnable and non refundable it will be a custom built item. This does come with a 1 year warranty customer is responsible for shipping.  

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