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This listing for for you to enter a drawing for a set of prebuilt headlights for the following models. if you dont see you model message me and ill tell you if it applies or not 

88-13 silverado, sierra, tahoe, yukon

91-15 f150,f250,f350

88-14 dodge ram 

94-12 tacoma tundra ect 

There will be only 20 spots 

$25 bucks a spot and youll get a decal

if you win what you'll get is 

a set of brand new headlights with the rgb halos in them a $550 dollar set up. 

If you win the only thing you'll have to pay for is shipping and a remote.    

If you do not win you'll get $20 bucks off any purchase after the drawing.  

You can buy multiple spots. 

Good luck and share with your friends 

we will have 

1st place winner  full build for free  

2nd place gets half off 

3rd place gets $100 off a build