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Upgraded Powerstep lights lighting kit

Upgraded Powerstep lights lighting kit

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hello this kit is a huge upgrade for the amp and other power folding steps.

It is a pretty simple hook up you just tap into the existing spots where the old lights were.   


this kit will come with 

4 lights total 

8 connectors 

8 metal tapping screws 


we will have 2 versions


1. standard (which are way brighter than the ones that come with steps) these are also a little bigger than our ultra bright ones so if you don't have a lot of clearance between the cab and steps you may want our ultra bright ones. 


2. Our 2nd option are out ultra bright lights these are insanely bright and also super slim.


these will all come with 1ft lead of wire  if you need more please put in in the note section when you check out.  


The picture of the escalade is our Standard ones